Sitting on thorns – Butt Balm review by Lehane Oosthuizen

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Cyclists don’t always want to talk about their butts.. Until they have a painful issue down there. Yes, it happens to many of us, not only to the person spending more than 10 hours a week on a bicycle!
Most cyclists don’t use butt balm until that horrible thing happens, but once you’ve been through it and you know what it feels like to sit on thorns, you’ll never be the same.
You will want the assurance of knowing that it won’t happen again, never again. Suddenly the world of butt balms for cyclists opens up. So many options, some sticky, some stinky, some work and some don’t.
During 2019 I participated in the Western Cape Marathon Championships mountain bike race in Hopefield. With the entry I received a butt balm sample from Simply Bee. What a revelation! No more butt issues – it simply works. It works so well that I even use it on scrapes, minor skin irritations and even insect bite marks ect.
It contains tea tree oil in to prevent bacterial infection while soothing irritated and chafed skin. I will recommend the Butt balm for Cyclists with a happy heart.
Top tips to prevent saddle sores:
  • Always apply Simply Bee butt balm as part of your preparation routine
  • Have your setup done properly – it makes a big difference
  • Make sure you are using a saddle that is right for you
  • Get out of your cycling shorts as soon as possible after your ride
  • Practise good butt hygiene
If you follow these 5 steps you will probably never have to deal with sitting on thorns.
Enjoy cycling!!