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Pure Fynbos Honey – 500g – Bears

Product size: 500g

R98.00 Incl Vat

Product Category: Honey
SKU: 0701622312020

Our bees collect from the local Fynbos, which is located in a remote area with no commercial farming in the area of collection thus minimising exposure to pesticides. We also do not feed or medicate our bees at all. When we filter our honey, we never heat above 40°C to not diminish any of the high levels of healing properties in honey.

Honey varies greatly in colour, flavour and consistency depending on the kind of blossom from which the bees have gathered their nectar. As responsible beekeepers, we only filter our raw honey the traditional way using only a cheese-cloth to obtain our “Pure” honey. Our honey is also badger-friendly.

Directions for Use

Use in food.

Product Advice

Honey in its natural form will crystallize. To decrystallize, place jar in hot water.

Pure Ingredients

100 % Pure Fynbos honey

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