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Daisy Bee Beeswax Wraps – 3 pack

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R178.00 Incl Vat

Product Category: Extra | Gifts
SKU: 0617748912580

Directions for Use

All with a daisy bee theme. Lifespan of 12 months. Made from 100% organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil & pine resin. Recyclable in the garden & compost heaps. Wash in cool water with mild dish soap. Air dry & fold to store - to sterilise one can also iron it between two sheets of wax paper. The heat will kill all germs. Not recommended for use with meats or fish.

Product Advice


Pure Ingredients

A sustainable and natural way to store food and keep it fresh. With the warms of your hands the beeswax wraps stick to bowls, dishes and other surfaces – just like you would use cling wrap. Handmade with love. – Save the earth.
1 x wrap of 33 x 33cm
1 x wrap of 33 x 16cm
1 x wrap of 16 x 16cm
Fynbos Beeswax
Jojoba Oil
Pine resin
100% organic cotton

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